Muslim Terrorists Arrested in Canada - Attempted to Derail Train and Kill Passengers

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Muslim Terrorists Arrested in Canada - Attempted to Derail Train and Kill Passengers

TORONTO (Reuters) - Canadian police said on Monday they had arrested and charged two men with an "al Qaeda-supported" plot to derail a passenger train.

"Had this plot been carried out, it would have resulted in innocent people being killed or seriously injured," Royal Canadian Mounted Police official James Malizia told reporters in Toronto.


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More acting out by North

More acting out by North America's "vibrant" and "diverse" Muslim "community" and other various Third World imports brought in by our open borders elites who think the whole idea of America (and Canada) is to be a multi- culti flophouse. I thought the whole idea of national sovereignty and borders was to be able to carefully choose who we allow into our national home and to keep potentially unassimible people and potentially murderous foreigners out.

Modern liberals, in the name of their great god, Equality, seem to make it a marker of their supposedly high social status not to notice the stark differences in the beliefs and behavior among the various peoples and cultures of the world. That wouldn't be very nice or polite. It doesn't fit the liberal narrative that "Diversity is our Strength" to say nothing of liberalism's grip on reality.

Better to feign ignorance or scream "racism" at those who see the reality behind the myth and the lie. It has worked pretty well to cow the doubters of open borders and Emma Lazarus worship since about 1965...until recently. After over 45 years of creating our modern Tower of Babel it may be time, not for "reform" and Amnesty for millions of gate crashers, but for an immigration time out and enforcement of our laws.

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