Should they let HER go free?

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Should they let HER go free?

An interesting argument in the subject.

Not often that both Shakespeare and Cicero get quoted in the same article.

Al Amoling
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Hell no. Start measuring for

Hell no. Start measuring for an orange jump suit. She'll love it when she's able to wipe things with a cloth.

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Every corrupt politician

Every corrupt politician should be investigated, tried and sentenced per the law. To do otherwise will worsen the state of semi-anarchy we are entering. Hillary the Beast is very likely an un-indicted felon and, as such, should face the same laws we all do.

Perhaps the best thing to come out of Trump's election is how it caused the exposing of how corrupt our government is. The IRS, the DOJ, the FBI, the Republicans in Congress, the Post Office, the entire higher education/legal/union Liberal cabal, and much, much more are all tools being used by the Liberal/Left seditious Communists to scuttle American democracy in favor of Socialism. Every day that goes by, we see how much deeper the vein of corruption runs.

Mike G
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The clintons are royalty they

The clintons are royalty they are above the law, as are all of the congresspersons, governors, CEOs, current and past POTus, supreme court justices, judges, bankers, etc.

This is the law of history wherever the elite meet and the fine dine, has been going on for centuries, unfortunately just like all failing empires, the pickings are getting kind of slim and the peons are beginning to notice, for the elite have increased the racketeering.

Socialism is just a carrot that the elites offer to hide their theft.

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