IRS Agent's Shockng Admission

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IRS Agent's Shockng Admission

Sherry Peel Jackson is a certified accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner, and an IRS Agent in Atlanta. Several years ago she was determined to win a 50,000 dollar challenge from Bob Shult's We the People Foundation to prove we the people must pay income taxes. What she found out in trying to win the money has changed her life forever. The following interview conducted by the We the Peole Foundation tells her story. AFPs question is in bold face type, Ms Jackson is in regular type.

See her story on page 10 American Free Press October 8, 2007.
Also see the story, IRS defeated in court again on page 11.
Will not be of interest to government drones for the following reason: Longtime Defense Attorney, well known to the IRS, Larry Becraft of Huntsville, Alabama, was not involved in this case but was exuberant at hearing the news "The IRS prosecutions are going the way of the Prohibition prosecutions of the 1920s," he said. "They are losing their grip as the people are waking up to the sham," he said.
The IRS, in the face of numerous challenges, has been unable to cite a law that requires either individuals to file a return or companies to withold from employees.

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IRS Agent's Shockng Admission

Thanks Bud for posting this.

There is certainly an awakening happening right now when it comes to the law and the IRS. I for one give credit to people like the Browns, Aaron Russo(RIP) and Sherry Peel Jackson who are heading the "tax-revolt" or "tax-truth' movement.

Soon enough people will realize what the law says.....or doesn't say and the IRS will be gone for good.

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IRS Agent's Shockng Admission

The legal power of the IRS to collect income taxes is well-established in Federal regulations and court precedents. The "tax truth" movement isn't doing anyone any good by denying reality and encouraging people to break the law and subject themselves to severe punishment. The IRS is not going to be 'gone for good' by anyone 'recognizing' otherwise. Whatever may be 'exposed' in the history of the law, if anything, the government would re-instate whatever power is necessary for the Federal Income Tax to continue. Ending abuse from tax authorities will take a lot more than delusions pretending their authority does not exist.

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