Corporations financing their own hangman's nooses

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Corporations financing their own hangman's nooses

[quote]Meanwhile, Democrats under Rep. Rahm Emanuel and Sen. Schumer have quietly erected their own K Street Project, and employ some of the same strong-arm tactics they once deplored. "I've never felt the squeeze that we're under now to give to Democrats and to hire them," says one telecom industry representative. "They've put out the word that if you have an issue on trade, taxes, or regulation, you'd better be a donor and you'd better not be part of any effort to run ads against our freshmen incumbents."

Why does corporate America go along? The standard excuse is that this is the way the game is played. They've made a calculated decision that Democrats are going to sweep in 2008. Republicans rightly object that corporate interests are making this a self-fulfilling prophecy. [/quote]


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Corporations financing their own hangman's nooses

Ford made a corporate decision to support the envronmental industry in a big way. Farmers and loggers know this and the sales of Ford pickups has fallen sharply. When the wolf is at the door, don't feed that beast.

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Corporations financing their own hangman's nooses

Make a list of the leftist organizations that haunt street corners, public squares and your doorstep collecting signatures for socialist/progressive voter initiatives, putting up Ethan campaign signs and so forth.

Take five minutes and find out where they get their money -- and how much. Ford, Robert Woods Johnson, Kaiser.....this list goes on. And the bank rolls in. You will be astounded. They know the system only too well.

I'm in the wrong bidness !!!!

Hats off to them. They are highly organized, motivated and well-financed.

Then look at the next progressive rally they call. They often get over-capacity crowds.

Next, throw a rally for conservatives.....and wait for the turn out. (sound of crickets) The WLOB, AMG & MHPC crowds notwithstanding, it is rather embarassing.

Bully for them and shame on us!

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Corporations financing their own hangman's nooses

On the local level I could never understand why the Portland Press Herald, Lewiston Sun Journal and now the Bangor Daily News back politicians who are demonstrably anti-business.

Newspapers in Maine as well as the rest of the country are encountering very difficult times, yet they continue to support candidates who, when elected, go to Augusta or Washington and make the viability of newspapers even more questionable.

The Maine legislature, for example, is filled with characters who receive newspaper endorsements and then proceed to make the state's business climate evermore oppressive. On the national level, our Congressmen are no better, perhaps worse, yet they have been propelled there with enthusiastic support from the Maine press.

The thrust of the WSJ article is right on mark. Business people often deserve what they get

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