Antidote to Michael Moore's Sicko - Facts

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Antidote to Michael Moore's Sicko - Facts

Moore: Man dies of kidney cancer because insurance company won't pay for bone marrow transplant.
Reality: No insurer - including the governments in Canada, Britain, France and Cuba pays for the procedure. Reason: Clinical trials show it doesn't work.

Moore: There are no excessive waits for care in Canada.
Canadian Supreme Court: The waits are unconscionable.

Moore: British hospitals have no cashiers to accept money because patients don't have to pay the bill.
Reality: The one in seven patients who pay out of pocket for care are finding ways to pay the bill.

Moore: Health Care in Cuba is better than health care in the United States.
Cubans: When you enter a hospital, you have to bring your own linens, soap, food and even medicines.

Moore: Only in the U.S. are patients denied care because of a lack of money.
Reality: People in other countries are routinely denied care because of a lack of money.

Moore: A typical doctor in Britain earns $200,000 and lives in a $1 million dollar home.
Reality: British doctors get a fraction of what U.S. doctors are paid.

Moore: The typical French family has a lifestyle Americans can only envy - with free day care, free health care and lots of time off and lengthy paid vacations.
Reality: In the last election, French voters overwhelmingly rejected the welfare state candidate in favor of the candidate who wants to make France more like America.

Moore: The French health care system is attuned to patient needs.
Reality: The French government condemned the health care system for contributing to patient deaths during the 2003 heat wave.

[url=]Much more on Moore[/url]

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Antidote to Michael Moore's Sicko - Facts

That's a good link, thanks.

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